Funding Available



There are NO out of pocket fees incurred by families.

If you enroll a child in our Online School, Traditional Home Schooling, Blended or Fully Aligned Program, you qualify for financial support. Call us at our 1-800-659-1945 to inquire.


Up to $1550 funding is available per student. Funding is available to support the educational needs of your student’s academic program through reimbursement of original itemized receipts. Approved expenses include such items as curriculum, resources, technology including internet and educational software, educational assessments, physical education expenses, and expenses that directly relate to your student’s academic program.

Please contact our office for further details

Family Finance/Funding Information

Expense Claim Form Click here to download our Expense Claim Form. All Expense Claims/receipts must be submitted before the last day of school.
Receipt Submissions Click here to see an example of the information required on a receipt. Reimbursable expenses MUST BE related to the student’s program of study.  We CANNOT reimburse for mileage, fuel, clothing, travel expenses/transportation, meals/food, accommodations, gift cards, live animals, power tools, major applicances, licenses, or any type of weapons. If you submit extra expenses, we will hold those receipts (total value over $20.00) and reimburse you the following year, if you re-register with us. Note: UNUSED FUNDING FOR THE CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR CAN NOT BE CARRIED FORWARD TO THE NEXT YEAR.
Monthly Expense Claims Family expense claims and original detailed receipts must be received in our Okotoks office before the 10th of each month. The first cheque run is October 31st. REIMBURSEMENTS ARE NOT PROCESSED IN JULY AND SEPTEMBER.
Dead line for Year-end Expense Claims The last expense claim of the school year must be received in our Okotoks office by the last day of school (please check the school calendar for the date). The final cheque run of the year is the end of AUGUST. This allows time for the return of textbooks that belong to The Centre for Learning@HOME.
High School Funding  High School students earning CEU’s will receive funding when:

  1. credits have been earned
  2. ALL books have been returned
  3. receipts have been submitted before the last day of school

Reimbursement for high school CEU funding is done in August (at the end of the school year).

Details about family funding and reimbursements can be found in our Information Handbook, in the Family Funding Guidelines booklet, in the school newsletter, and on the Expense Claim Form itself.

Please contact our office if you have any questions.