Academic Excellence



The Centre for Learning@HOME and St. Paul’s Academy celebrates academic excellence and congratulates our students, parents, and staff for contributing to a history of strong academic performance at our school for over two decades:

Diploma Results

Click here to see our five year Diploma Results, highlighting student achievement over the past five years in comparison to provincial results.

Fraser Institute Recognition:

  • 2005: 1st Runner-Up Garfield Weston Excellence in Education Award
  • 2008: Ranked in the top 25% of all Alberta High Schools

C.D. Howe Institute Recognition:

  • 2010: Average percentile ranking (based on Grades 3/6/9 data) places The Centre for Learning@HOME in the top 33% of all schools in Alberta.

Alberta Education Accountability Pillar Data

We are also proud that, based on Alberta Education data, we are performing in the top 5% or top 25% of ALL Alberta schools in nearly every category measured by Alberta Education (comparison based not only on other home-based schools but ALL Alberta schools):

Top 5% of Alberta Schools:

  • Safe and Caring School Environment*
  • Education Quality*
  • Program Offerings*
  • Provincial Achievement Exam Acceptable Standard (student pass rate)
  • Diploma Exam Acceptable Standard (student pass rate)
  • Diploma Exam Excellence (students scoring above 80%)
  • Work Preparation*
  • Citizenship*
  • Parental Involvement*
  • School Improvement Initiatives*

Top 25% of Alberta Schools:

  • Provincial Achievement Exam Excellence (students scoring above 80%)
  • Post-Secondary Transition Rate

*Rate calculated using Alberta Education Parent Survey Data