Blended Program

Parents and Teachers working in partnership

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(Grades 1-9)

  • A blend of school (Alberta Program of Studies) and home education courses
  • School courses can consist of Online and/or Teacher Directed Courses
  • One-on-one parent/teacher collaboration in designing student’s program
  • Progress reports and regular communication with teachers
  • Teachers accessible on a daily basis
  • In-home teacher visits

Blended Program Requirements

(Grades 1-9)

  • A minimum 50% of the program must meet the Alberta Program of Studies.
  • Must include Language Arts or Math Online or Teacher Directed
  • The following percentages will apply to the [email protected] School Course portion of a student’s entire program plan.
    • Language Arts 30%
    • Mathematics 25%
    • Social Studies 15%
    • Science 15%
    • Physical Education 5%
    • Health 5%
    • Each option 5% to 10%  (Up to a maximum of four options that may include Religion, Art, Drama, Music, Career and Technology Studies, Languages)

(Grades 10-12)

  • Minimum 20% of the program must meet the Alberta Program of Studies
  • All high school student program plans are developed in consultation with a guidance counsellor.

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