Support Videos

St. Paul’s Academy & The Centre for [email protected] Orientation

Below you will find a number of links to videos to assist students and parents in their Online experience at The Centre for [email protected]/St. Paul’s Academy.

Do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions or have challenges accessing your FirstClass account – we are here to help you!

Windows Tips

Files and Folders – Creating folders and moving files in Windows

Screen Capture – Using screen capture

Getting Started…FirstClass (email system at our school)

Instructions to download FirstClass to your computer

Installing the Client Software

Logging into FirstClass

Instructions to download on how to login to FirstClass

Client Login (most common)

Web Browser Login (emergency access)

Getting Started… Using FirstClass as a Student

FirstClass “Desktop” – Getting familiar with the Desktop

FirstClass Mailbox

Working with email messages in FirstClass (create, send, reply, forward)

Working with Attachments

Getting to know your FirstClass Classroom

Classroom Organization

Lesson Plan Links

Submitting course work

Finding a test

Getting Started… Using FirstClass as a Parent

Logging in

Email basics using FirstClass

Other resources in FirstClass

Access to your child’s Class Icon

Getting Started…PowerSchool and SchoolNet

Introduction to our Students Marks System

Instructions to download on how to setup PowerSchool Parent Portal

Setting up the PowerSchool Parent Portal

Tips and Tricks

FirstClass Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Online Experience


NOTE – Please also check out these links for additional and specific help with Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint):

Windows 7 Basics

Microsoft Windows 10 Help and Tutorials

Microsoft Office Help and Tutorials (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)