Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to The Centre for [email protected]!

We are an innovative leader in home based education programs and educational partnerships. It is an honor for us to serve your family with educational services that are flexible, unique, and very successful.

The Centre for [email protected] is a faith based organization that has been offering educational services for 27 years to families throughout Alberta and beyond. Our staff is highly experienced and very dedicated to offering quality educational services to you and your family. We offer online, blended, traditional, and aligned programs that are uniquely designed to meet the needs of our students and families. In addition, summer school courses are available through our St. Paul’s Academy high school, online program.

Students, if you are seeking a school that allows for tremendous flexibility, high academic standards, and has a desire to work with you, please consider your options with us. We offer flexible schedules that reflect your needs and access to anywhere-anytime courses. Part-time studies are also available to high school students. Our commitment is to help you reach your full potential!

Parents, if you need a school to fit your life-style rather than vice-versa, consider your options with us.  We have programs for students of all ages and all grades. We welcome the opportunity to work with you. In your discernment, it is important to fully understand what a home schooling, online education program can offer your family.  We have the highest academic results on diploma examination of any home schooling provider in Alberta. We offer hundreds of family and student events throughout Alberta. We allow blending of programs to allow for flexibility in programming options. Our services are extensive and include career counseling, in-home consultations, and learning support. There are no fees to attend our school for full-time students.

We are a publicly funded school committed to offering educational services endorsed by Alberta Education.  We take tremendous pride in our programs, academic accomplishments and the support we provide to our families.

Over the years we have supported thousands of families and we are thankful for their trust in us!

Please review our website and contact us if you have additional questions.

“Leave Not One Heart Behind”

Paul Byrne