High School

Every high school student should have the opportunity to have a great education, even if attending a physical school is not their ideal option. The Centre for Learning@HOME offers a variety of program options for the high school student looking to take online education at a pace that works for them. MORE HIGH SCHOOL

Shared Responsibility (Grades 1-9)

We’re all responsible for our children’s education, so let’s work together. The Shared Responsibility program offers parent- and teacher-led online courses for Grades 1-9. Through one-on-one collaboration between parents and teachers, regular communication and accessibility, and progress reports, we can offer our students the best blended approach to education with a program designed specific to the student.  Let’s work together! MORE SHARED RESPONSIBILITY

Summer School

Not enough time in the school year to finish all the required courses, on top of optional courses and extracurricular activities? Need a certain course credit before school starts for the fall semester? Our Summer School program offers a variety of high school core courses open to all Alberta students. Earn your required credits from the comfort of your own home with all the ease and accessibility of your home computer. Make the most of your summer! MORE SUMMER SCHOOL

Online (Grades 1-9)

Our online courses are geared to ensuring that all of our students achieve excellence in education throughout Grades 1-9. Our students have consistently achieved results above the provincial average! By adhering to the Alberta Programs of Study with a Christian-based learning environment, our certified teachers provide interactive lessons with documents that allow our students to learn any time, any place. Our students always have access to their teachers and to various learning resources. MORE ONLINE (GRADES 1-9)

Home Education

Take control of your child’s education with the support of our Home Education programs! We’ve supported families in Alberta for nearly thirty years, and we’ll support them for years to come. We encourage parents to set a curriculum that they and their children are comfortable with, with program planning assistance and funding available. This flexible schooling method has benefited families throughout Alberta for many years, and we want you to enjoy the advantages as well! MORE HOME EDUCATION




The Centre for Learning@HOME!

Combining the expertise of Okotoks Home Schooling Services and St. Paul’s Academy Online School, The Centre for Learning@HOME is a fully-accredited and publicly-funded Christian school, open to all Alberta students and those studying abroad.

Please call one of our registrars (1-403-938-4119 or 1-800-659-1945) to get additional information about our programs.

CFL@HOME 2023- 24 School Calendar

No Registration Fees!

CFL@HOME Home Education Reimbursement Form


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  • Do I need to be Catholic to register with The Centre for Learning@HOME?

    No, we accept students from all faiths. The Centre for Learning@HOME, however, is a Christian community.

  • Is there a registration fee?

    No, there is no registration fee. Please refer to our school handbook (available from our office) for more information.

  • Will I receive an Alberta High School Diploma through The Centre for Learning@HOME?

    Yes, students in Online High School who complete the Alberta High School Diploma requirements will receive their diploma directly from Alberta Education.  The Centre for Learning@HOME celebrates a “Cap and Gown” graduation each year.

    Students completing a Home Education program can complete grade 12, but will not receive an Alberta High School Diploma. 

  • Why choose The Centre for Learning@HOME?

    We are a Christian school community dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each of our families. Call us to experience the service that has made The Centre for Learning@HOME Alberta’s leader in home-based education since 1989.

Celebrating 33 years as Alberta’s leader in home based education!

Mission Statement

The Centre for Learning@HOME partners with families to inspire students to pursue personal and academic excellence while strengthening their relationship with Christ through Commitment, Faith, and Love

Calendar of Events

We like to encourage our students to be an active part of their community, no matter where they live in Alberta. That’s why we take the time organize a wide variety of events for our students to enjoy with friends and family. Take a look at what events we have coming up!


This Year’s Big Trip!

Education isn’t just about staying at home with your books—it’s about exploring the world! Once a year we like to take our Grades 9-12 students on a big trip to explore the world beyond Alberta. What exciting plan do we have prepared for this year?


Types of Events at CFL@HOME

The Centre for Learning @HOME family proudly organizes and offers over forty events and activities per month throughout Alberta, so that all of our students have the chance to meet with their peers and supplement their education. What kind of program enhancement opportunities are available for you?


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