Academic Excellence



The Centre for Learning@HOME and St. Paul’s Academy celebrates academic excellence and congratulates our students, parents, and staff for contributing to a history of strong academic performance at our school for over two decades. We are proud to be among the top ranking schools in Alberta.

Diploma Results

Click here to see our five year Diploma Results, highlighting student achievement over the past five years in comparison to provincial results.

Fraser Institute Recognition:

  • 2005: 1st Runner-Up Garfield Weston Excellence in Education Award
  • 2008: Ranked in the top 25% of all Alberta High Schools

C.D. Howe Institute Recognition:

  • 2010: Average percentile ranking (based on Grades 3/6/9 data) places The Centre for Learning@HOME in the top 33% of all schools in Alberta.

Alberta Education Accountability Pillar Data

We are also proud that, based on Alberta Education data, we are a top ranking school, performing in the top 5% or top 25% of ALL Alberta schools in nearly every category measured by Alberta Education (comparison based not only on other home-based schools but ALL Alberta schools):

Top 5% of Alberta Schools:

  • Safe and Caring School Environment*
  • Education Quality*
  • Program Offerings*
  • Provincial Achievement Exam Acceptable Standard (student pass rate)
  • Diploma Exam Acceptable Standard (student pass rate)
  • Diploma Exam Excellence (students scoring above 80%)
  • Work Preparation*
  • Citizenship*
  • Parental Involvement*
  • School Improvement Initiatives*

Top 25% of Alberta Schools:

  • Provincial Achievement Exam Excellence (students scoring above 80%)
  • Post-Secondary Transition Rate

*Rate calculated using Alberta Education Parent Survey Data