Achieving Your Education Without Attending a Brick and Mortar Building

Achieving Your Education Without Attending a Brick and Mortar Building - Centre for Learning @ HOME - Alberta Home Education

Most Albertan families never question whether or not their student will go to school. They have a kid who’s between 6 and 18, so they go to class at the local, brick and mortar school; that’s just how it is. They never consider that there may be another alternative. But with nearly 10,000 homeschooled students in Alberta representing 1.4% of all students in the province, it’s clear to see that many families are choosing a different education option which works better for them.

School on Your Timeline.

Families and their schedules come in all shapes and sizes. Many Albertan families travel frequently, or they have talented children who need to balance schooling with busy schedules as elite athletes or artists. Alternatively, a family may have a student with special needs or who struggles with an illness. These special students often requires extra attention or a little more time on certain lessons, and their needs are rarely met by the system.

By choosing online education instead of a conventional brick and mortar school, Albertan students can study hard when they’re able to and focus on other important aspects of their life when they can’t. You can help your student to zip through high school in just two years, or support them taking an extended 4-year path. The options for providing your child with the best education on your family’s timeline are endless.

The Centre for Learning @ Home is here to help every family create an education experience that complements their family life rather than complicates it. With our accommodating teachers and a supportive network, we’re certain you and your student can set and achieve your educational goals.

Prioritize Your Worldview.

The Centre for Learning @ Home offers our students an inclusive, welcoming Christian environment. We understand that many of our students and their families prioritize their faith. They may find that the secular approach of public education doesn’t meet their need to learn about the world as an extension of their understanding of God.

For students who wish to pursue a diploma, we offer parents our experience and insight. We know that striking the right balance between learning important curriculum outcomes and sharing your faith with your student is important, and we’re here to make that easier.

Achieve Your Educational Goals.

Our school is a fully accredited institution. Our students have the same opportunities as students at a physical school. They earn credits towards graduation, gain an Alberta Diploma at the end of highschool, and continue onto post secondary. What sets the Centre for Learning apart from physical schools is the opportunity for students to decide on and work towards their own educational goals.

In public, many students simple follow the route created for them. We encourage our students to forge their own path. If your student is a math whizz, and they want to complete 30 level math in grade 10, they can! If your student has fallen in love with a trade, and they want to begin studying as an apprentice through the RAP program while complete high school on the side, they can! We’re here to support the choices that work best for your student and family.

Does your family or student want to take education to their own hands? We would like to invite you to join our supportive community. At the Centre for Learning, you will find proven academic results, a team that prioritizes your needs, and a caring environment. Join us today.

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