But Don’t Home Educated Kids Lack “Socialization”?

But Don’t Home Educated Kids Lack “Socialization”? - Alberta Home Education - Home Education Alberta

If there is one thing families who home educate have heard a thousand times, it’s the (usually) well-intentioned protests of a stranger that a home educated student will lack socialization and be unable to relate or talk to other people. Of course, that’s nonsense. Homeschooled students take part in a wide variety of extracurricular activities from church youth groups to Scouts or Guides, as well as sports, choir, and more. This gives them freedom and space to make connections with kids and adults of all ages. Beyond that, our students also get to enjoy numerous events with their homeschooled peers.

Welcome Back Picnic

One event that is coming up quickly and that will be offered in multiple locations is the Centre for Learning’s Welcome Back Picnics! Registration for these picnics began on August 15th. They are a fun opportunity to meet other homeschooling families near you. Many students enjoy making friends with other kids who learn at home like they do! Your student may also try on sample merchandise from our school spiritwear. Like kids going to physical schools, our students can enjoy wearing clothing that displays their school pride, and all proceeds go towards our Adopt-a-Family Program which helps less well-off families in our community. You can register for the welcome back picnic — or any of our other events online!

Welcome Back Picnic Events:

Grand Prairie – SEPT 13th

Lethbridge – SEPT 13th

Medicine Hat – Sept 14th

Peace River – Sept 14th

Okotoks – Sept 14th

Edmonton – Sept 21st

Sylvan Lake – Sept 21st

School Sports

For many of Albertans, school sports were a highlight of their high school career. Sports teach us about teamwork, about losing — and winning — gracefully, and about our physical limits and how we can overcome them with hard work. That’s why the Centre for Learning@HOME is proud to say we are a member of the Alberta Schools Athletic Association (ASAA). Our high school students have the right to participate in school sports. We encourage interested students to reach out their local high school and talk to the coach about tryouts. Contact us if you require additional support.

Europe Trip!

Another big event for students across Alberta is their school’s Europe trip. For many Albertan students, this is their first chance to travel across the ocean and explore new cultures. It is our pleasure to say that our students have the same opportunity to expand their fundamental assumptions and to experience how other people live and eat.

This year, our class will be travelling to Italy! We are very excited to share the ancient history of Europe, and to have our students visit the Vatican and journey to the heart of their faith. Students in grades 9-12 are welcome to join us as we explore from Rome to Sicily during the 2019 Easter break (April 17, 2019 to April 26, 2019). Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Our home educated students know they aren’t missing out on any socialization. They’ve made close connections to their family and friends, and our students may have even more access to social events than their conventionally educated peers! Whether sports are your student’s thing or they’re enamoured with the idea of exploring the roots of their faith in Italy, the Centre for Learning@Home strives to educate and nourish the whole student, including their social needs. Contact us today to learn how online education may be a better fit for your family.

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