Getting Ahead with Summer School

Our online summer school program will begin in just over a month, and our teachers are preparing their lesson plans as students continue to register for courses. For many students, online summer school is an exciting opportunity to take control of their education. Students who are more familiar with a brick-and-mortar school rarely have the opportunity to set their own school hours and take charge. But online, it’s all up to them!

We find many students enjoy the responsibility and empowerment that comes with online education, and we’re proud to say our summer school continues to accept more students every year. Here are three of the most common reasons a student chooses to study with us during the summer.

Finish High School Fast
The Centre for Learning @ Home is a fully accredited Alberta School. Our students earn the same credits for taking a course through us as they do when they attend a physical school. However, a 5-credit course during a fall or winter semester takes 5 months to complete. During summer school, you’ll complete the course in just 4 weeks.

By taking classes over the summer, they can either enjoy a slower pace during the rest of the year as they focus on the subjects that require more attention, or they can dash forward to graduate early.

Focus on What You Love
Many Alberta schools offer extraordinary elective courses with brilliant teachers: theatre, band, choir, culinary arts, industrial arts, and more. In order to take advantage of all these great elective courses, it can be beneficial to take core classes online during the summer.

Getting Back on Track
Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Family emergencies, exceptional circumstances, or tragedy can lead to a capable student falling behind. Online studies are a flexible option for getting back on track, so you can graduate on time.

How Does Our Online Summer School Program Work?
With permission from your principal, students are able to take one core course and one non-core course over a compressed 4-week semester. We advise students work on their classwork during regular school hours, as our online teachers are available to offer guidance and help if they run into challenges. But which hours you choose to work aren’t mandatory, and you can enjoy the flexibility of doing school work at the time it best suits you.

Whether you’re trying to get ahead, free up your schedule, or just catch up, our online summer classes are here to help you achieve your educational goals. The last day to register for summer school is Wednesday, June 27, 2018, at 11:59PM. We welcome Albertan students to join our community.

Have any questions about online summer school? Need help registering for the course you want? Contact our team today at 1-800-659-1945! Or, if you’re ready to sign up, register online. We look forward to working with you.

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