Having a Great Online Summer School Experience? What’s Next?

Having a Great Online Summer School Experience? What’s Next? - Centre for Learning@HOME - Home Based Education Alberta

The summer school semester has begun, and we couldn’t be more proud of the great progress our students have made over the last couple weeks. For many of our new summer school students, this is their first experience with online education. They’ve never had the responsibility of taking charge of their own learning or the flexibility of completing their work at the time that’s best for them. Summer students who love the change from their brick-and-mortar school often ask us how they can continue their online education once September begins.

We’re a Fully Accredited Alberta School. The transition from your physical school to our school without walls will likely be easier than you think. Like your current brick-and-mortar school, the Centre for Learning @ Home is a fully accredited Alberta School. That means our students are able to follow Alberta’s diploma requirements, graduate, and apply to post-secondary with no extra complications. Choosing to complete your high school education online is as easy as registering with our school and informing your previous school board of the transfer.

Find Your Confidence. Public education, while very important to our society, is built on a one-size-fits-all model. However, every student is unique, and that means many kids feel displaced within their school community. Students may struggle with bullying or face learning challenges because they excel beyond their peers in one subject while lagging behind in another.

At our school, your student’s emotional wellbeing is as important as their education. Our teachers welcome all students. We strive to provide a safe place where kids and teens can be themselves and learn at their own pace. With our guidance, students shine. Your teen is welcome to take 30 level biology the same year they take 10 level social studies. They can focus on their education instead of on social pressures. The Centre for Learning is here to create the education experience that best allows your child to succeed, and it’s one of our greatest pleasure to watch a formerly-struggling student regain their confidence and reach their full potential.

Your High School Education on Your Schedule. Many students choose our online summer school because they want to graduate on their own schedule. Perhaps illness or a family emergency has led them to fall behind, and they’re determined to catch up. Alternatively, your student may be charging ahead on an accelerated graduation schedule. It may be their goal to earn their diploma in just two years.

Regardless, your student loved summer school for our flexibility and nuanced approach to education. We welcome your student to continue learning on their own schedule during the fall semester. Our home online education program includes a conventional three-year graduation schedule, an accelerated two-year graduation schedule, and an extended four-year graduation cycle, so we’re confident that your student can find the right fit for their education goals.

There is no greater compliment than a student who enjoyed our summer school program so much they want to continue with us into the fall. If online high school is the best fit for your student and family, we invite you to register with us today. Welcome to the Saint Paul’s Academy online community; we’re glad to have you!

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