School Europe Trip

Capitals of the British Isles – 2025

The British Isles are a fascinating place to visit; the variety of traditions and accents, that are part of a small mass is truly astounding. The deep-rooted history and culture of these islands are alive and well and you’ll get to experience them first-hand in Dublin, Edinburgh and London. Famous sites like Trinity College, the Titanic Belfast Museum, Edinburgh Castle and Buckingham Palace provide lasting memories and lessons.

The Centre for Learning@HOME students in grades 9 to 12 are invited to join our proposed school trip to Capitals of the British Isles.  We intend to travel over Easter break of 2025 (April 16-April 25, 2025).  

You can view the itinerary at:

This trip is in the pre-planning and approval stages. Final details and pricing will come out in June, 2023.