Our Online Grades 1-9 Program

Program features

  • Over 80% of this program is delivered through online courses and/or print based materials.
  • Alberta’s curriculum is designed to help students achieve their individual potential and create a positive future. The Alberta Programs of Study identify what students are expected to learn and achieve in all subjects and grades.
  • Teachers use an outcome-based approach adhering to the Alberta Programs of Study.
  • Courses offer students access to daily instruction and Alberta certified teachers.
  • Programs are delivered by certified teachers using our Learning Management System.  Interactive web-based lessons and PDF documents allowing for anytime/anywhere schooling.
  • Materials, textbooks, and resources are available where required.
  • Through PowerSchool, parents have 24/7 online access to student marks and report cards.
  • The Centre for Learning@HOME offers a faith-focused learning environment.

Highly Engaged Learning

  • Teachers are available via our Learning Management System, telephone and email.
  • Teachers offer daily prayer reflections.
  • Alberta-wide curriculum focused events, workshops, field trips, etc. are also available.

Course Delivery

  • Students receive daily teacher-initiated contact and support.
  • Online lessons are delivered daily and/or weekly by teachers using our Learning Management System.
  • Students are accountable to their teachers on a daily and/or weekly basis.
  • This program is ideal for students who require structure.