Resources Needed for Homeschool

Homeschooling Tools

When parents choose homeschooling for their children, they opt for greater involvement in their children’s education. This allows the parent the flexibility to customize a program to meet the specific learning needs of their children.

The type of homeschooling program you select will determine what resources you need. In a home education program, parents select the learning objectives, curriculum, teaching methods, and assessments. When parents register with the Center for Learning@Home, a list of recommended resources is provided to parents. Parents are not required to use those resources, but they are welcome to do so. The parent may choose to select resources that follow the Programs of Study but they are not required to. Our staff will work with parents to customize a program to meet the learning goals of the Home Education Program Plan.

For an online program, the school will provide all the required resources, including textbooks. An Alberta-certificated teacher will provide all web-based lesson material, supported by daily live instruction. Students will need a computer and a strong internet connection. Homeschooling usually takes place at the kitchen table or in a designated classroom in the home.

One of the advantages of homeschooling is having the freedom to select the style of schooling and the resources that work best for you and your children. Take the time to check out the various ways of homeschooling and discover what is right for you. Then begin your search for the perfect resources! We’ve provided home education services to families in Alberta for over thirty years, and are able to help parents set up a program that they are comfortable with through resources that complement their style and needs. Program planning assistance and funding are available.

For students benefiting from structure, support, and accountability, an online program will include daily live instruction by Alberta-certificated teachers. For parents who desire more involvement in their child’s education, following a home education program is a great opportunity for you to build a deeper relationship with your child. This flexible schooling method has benefited Albertan families for many years. We want you to enjoy the advantages as well! Sign up for an information session or give us a call at 1-800-659-1945.

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