Summer School on Your Own Terms

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While disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic have made it more challenging for students to excel in their courses, there are options available to ensure that your children stay on their academic track. If you were not able to complete a course or would like to upgrade your mark, consider taking a summer school course online this summer at The Centre for Learning@HOME!


Why do students take summer school?

  • Stay ahead of classes: Summer school isn’t just for catching up; it is also an opportunity to accelerate or to get a jump start on your grade 10 courses if you just finished grade 9. Due to the flexibility that an online program offers, you may also be able to maintain job commitments or travel plans. As a fully accredited Alberta school, our students earn the same credits for taking a course as they do when they attend a physical school. However, a 5-credit course during a fall or winter semester takes five months to complete. During summer school, you’ll complete the course in just four weeks
  • To make time for what they love: Taking control of education makes it easier to set school hours and making time for what students really enjoy. Most Alberta High Schools offer interesting elective courses: theatre, band, choir, fine arts, culinary arts, industrial arts, second languages, religious studies and more. However, many students find it difficult to schedule the time to enjoy these programs. Try taking core classes online during the summer so you can take advantage of all the great electives that are available during the school year.
  • To get back on track: Has something thrown your high school plan off kilter? Have you experienced illness, a family emergency, tragedy or exceptional circumstances that have caused you to fall behind? Summer school provides an option for getting back on track so you can graduate on your original schedule.


During July, students can complete a wide array of high school courses from the comfort and safety of your home. Students will have access to daily live instruction from Alberta-certificated teachers, setting the pace for learning each day. Whether you’re trying to get ahead, free up your schedule, or just catch up, our online summer classes are here to help you achieve your educational goals.

Not enough time in the school year to finish all the required courses, on top of optional courses and extracurricular activities? Need a certain course credit before school starts for the fall semester? The Centre for Learning@Home has a summer program offering a variety of high school core courses open to all Alberta students. Earn your required credits from the comfort of your own home with all the ease and accessibility of your home computer. Determine the hours you choose to work and enjoy the flexibility of doing school work at the time it best suits you. Make the most of your summer with our summer school! Contact our team today at 1-800-659-1945 or register online.

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