Frequently Asked Questions

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Inquiries may be directed to:
403-938-4119 ext 2292 (Calgary Area)
1-800-659-1945 ext. 2292 (Toll Free Alberta)

Are the Summer School courses recognized by Alberta Education? Will I receive a transcript and proof of course completion?
Yes, St. Paul’s Academy is a fully accredited school recognized by Alberta Education and part of Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools from Okotoks, Alberta..  You will receive a report card by mail. Once our summer school is complete students final grades are submitted to Alberta Education and will show up on a student’s transcript. All schools in the province of Alberta will have access to your online summer school grades when you return to your local school in September.

Can I take more than one core course at Summer School?
You cannot take more than one course without the permission of the summer school Principal.  We avoid allowing students to take more than one core course (English, math, science and social studies).  You can take a core course in combination with a non-core course.

Will you send my marks to my current school?
No, marks will be submitted to Alberta education at the end of the course. You can access your final course grades through myPass at:
Report cards are mailed to the address you provided when you registered for this summer course.

Do I have to come to The Centre for Learning@HOME every day?
No transportation is required. We are an online distance education program and our courses are delivered online.

Can I start early?
No, all courses start July 2.

Can I do start late?
No, all courses start July 2. Exceptions may apply in PE.

Can I do it in August?
No. All course begin in July. Exceptions may apply in PE.

What does this course cost?
There is no cost. For those courses that require a textbook see the note below.

Do I need to purchase books?
No, however, for those course that require a textbook there is a non-refundable $25.00 shipping cost. Textbooks are to be be returned to the school once the course is finished.

Can I do my school work at anytime during the day?
We do advise that where possible you are online during school hours (outlined in the school calendar) so you can seek assistance from teachers, however, you can submit assignments throughout the day.

Is this online course going to be easy?
Five credit courses are completed in a little less than four weeks.  As such, expect to be busy for at least four hours a day with school work.  You will be as busy as a traditional school student that attends a regular school.

Can I take a diploma course online?
No, we do not offer Diploma courses during summer school.

Can I enroll at the Centre for Learning@Home to complete high school?
Yes, if you’ve enjoyed our summer program, you can complete your entire high school program online with The Centre for Learning@Home.  For more information visit us at:

I live in another province.  Can I take a summer course?
Only Alberta residents are eligible and must have an Alberta Education student number to register.