“I appreciate the high standards and concern for integrity that is apparent and strived for by The CFL@HOME. Our family is very pleased with our homeschooling experience with CFL. This is now our second year and the advice and guidance provided from my TA and the online teachers have been great!”

“Thank you for all you do for our family.  We love your program and it has made such a positive difference in our daughter’s education. Everyone is doing an outstanding job and we look forward to spending Grade 3 with you.”

“I am so impressed with the caring professionalism by the CFL staff and teachers. Our facilitator is a gift/blessing to our program and family. Being with CFL is a very “peaceful” part of our homeschooling journey.”

“I am very grateful for having such an awesome school board to assist in my endeavors to school my three sons. Your willingness to put student welfare, above sometimes what is available, is a refreshing attitude to see. . . Your presence makes the reality of homeschooling a very “family” experience. Thank you for your dedication and sacrifices.”

Summer school was an awesome program.  I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to get ahead of their school year. I know that I am going to be taking another course this summer.”

“CFL is awesome – I am always recommending it to people who are thinking about homeschooling”

“I really appreciate CFL staff. I have found teachers, facilitators and administrators to be consistently very helpful and friendly and skilled.”

“We have had a wonderful year of encouragement and support from our teachers (yes, plural) and staff (plural again) at The CFL@Home.”

“I’m very pleased with the organization and friendly learning nature of The CFL.”

“[My facilitator] goes out of her way to accommodate our program. Very resourceful and has made this year an excellent experience!!!”

“I have been so encouraged and supported this year! Our facilitator has been a true blessing to our children and to our family as a whole! We have had the greatest “home educating” experience this year.”

“I truly appreciate how your staff makes it easy for me to do my job, especially when it means finding my way around an unfamiliar website or searching for a particular resource.”

“Since we changed over to CFL, I haven’t looked back! I know where we are going and how to get there. . .”