Tips for Applying to Post-Secondary

Applying to Post-Secondary

When you’re looking at applying to a post-secondary institution or program, there’s a lot that you need to keep in mind. It can be a little intimidating at first to look at all of the options available, not to mention all of the dates that you need to keep track of and myriad of little and big decisions that you need to make. You might not feel prepared to make such a monumental decision. But take a deep breath. Here are our top tips on applying to post-secondary.

Be Sure to Rank Your Chosen Programs/Institutions

When you’re evaluating your options, rank your choices into a couple of categories. It’s recommended that you rank them into the following categories: reach, probable, and safety. In the reach category, place your dream school that are your top choices but that have a low acceptance rate and for which you might not meet admittance criteria. For probable category, include any options where you meet all the admission criteria. Lastly, in the safety category, you want to rank your “back-up” options; these are typically the options where you exceed the admission criteria, meaning that your acceptance is guaranteed.

Do A Lot of Research

It’s important to know that while your friends might be looking at a school and feel that it’s a good choice, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right choice for you. You want to be certain that any institution meets your requirements and suits your learning style and needs.

Do plenty of research on the different programs and institutions that you plan to apply to, because each of them will have different requirements and dates that you need to meet. Visit the school pages and social media to learn more and collect needed information. It’s vital that you make the right decision on what post-secondary program or institution you attend, as it can have a huge impact on your future. Your research will be worth it at the end.

Visit Schools You’re Looking to Attend

Sometimes, all of your research just might not be enough on the post-secondary institutions you’re looking to attend. You’re going to want to visit them in-person to get a feel for the environment and as an opportunity to do further, in-person research. It’s a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of to check out the institution’s environment and the resources that are available to you. Attend information sessions held and be sure that you’re gathering and absorbing as much information as possible.

Ask Lots of Questions

It can be a confusing and overwhelming process to apply to post-secondary institutions. If you’re not certain about something, then it’s perfectly acceptable to ask questions. Make full use out of all of the resources that are available to you. This might include your parents, teachers, and guidance counselors; all of them are there to help you during this journey.

Work on Your Resume

Volunteer work and extracurricular activities are great additions to have on your resume or CV. While a lot of programs rely only on your academic scores and performance when it comes to admission decisions, there are some that will take supplementary information into account. That’s where volunteering outside of school and other extracurricular activities come into play. All of these can set you ahead and make you more appealing as a potential candidate when applying.

Make Sure to Write Down Important Dates

Missing an application or deadline might result in a late fee or a retracted admission offer. That’s why you need to be certain that you’re keeping effective track of important dates for your application journey. Keep yourself organized and write down or log all of the important dates in your phone, setting reminders where and when needed. You’re going to want to be sure of the dates for each school that you’re applying for, so visit their websites and check out their application and admission calendars for all the important dates that you’ll need.

With all these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to a successful application process for post-secondary. If you have questions that relate to homeschool credits or questions about your homeschool program and how it relates to your post-secondary prospects or education, then The Centre for Learning@HOME might be able to help. Reach out to us today at (403) 938-4119 or at our toll-free number 1-800-659-1945 with any questions you might have.

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