Which Program Is For My Child?

Parents and students wishing to find out more information about our online school and home education programs may attend one of our upcoming sessions.

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Print-based and  Online Education – Grades 1-9

  1. Courses offer students access to daily instruction and Alberta certified teachers.
  2. Parents collaborate with the teacher to create a personalized home education program incorporating resources that best meet the unique learning needs of the student to achieve their individual potential.
  3. Teachers use an outcomes-based approach adhering to the Alberta Programs of Study to meet learning outcomes.
  4. Teachers are available to students and parents online, by email, messaging, and phone during school hours.
  5. Online lessons are available anytime, anywhere using a computer, tablet or mobile device.
  6. Provides students with access to teacher created lessons and assessments.
  7. Includes materials, resources, textbooks and technology.
  8. Online orientation provided to all students and parents NEW to online courses.  The online orientation session typically takes students 2-3 days to complete prior to the first day of classes.
  9. 24/7 online access to student marks.  Report cards are mailed home twice a year.
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  • Call us for additional information 1-800-659-4119 or 403-938-4119

Two delivery options to choose from in our Learn@HOME program

Teacher Directed (Grades 1-9)

  • This allows teachers and parents greater flexibility in choosing resources to meet outcomes of the Alberta Programs of Study.
  • Parents are actively involved in working with the course teacher to set the schedule for learning.
  • Regular assessments are conducted throughout the year to meet required outcomes.

Online Education (Grades 1-9)

  • The course teacher selects the resources and sets the schedule for learning.
  • CFL@HOME provides the textbooks and required resources
  • Regular assessments are conducted by the teacher throughout the year to meet required outcomes.
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Blended Program (Grades 1-9)

  • Teachers and parents collaborate in programming
  • A blend of school (Alberta Programs of Study) and home education courses
  • School courses can consist of Online Courses and/or Teacher Directed Courses
  • A minimum of 50% of the student’s program MUST include Learn@HOME courses, one of which must be Language Arts or Math.
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St. Paul’s Academy (SPA) Online Education – Grades 10-12

  • Program delivered by SPA teachers using the Internet and FirstClass® software
  • Online Courses
  • Anytime, anywhere learning; no set hours, no bells, no buses, no set schedules
  • Flexible school hours
  • Alberta Curriculum, Alberta Diploma
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Home Education – Grades 1-12

  • $850 reimbursement
  • Parents plan, teach and evaluate the program; program planning assistance available upon request
  • Program may or may not follow the Alberta Programs of Study
  • Your values, your lifestyle, your schedule, and our support
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Reading Readiness@HOME – An early literacy program for young children

  • Students must be age 5 by December 31, 2018
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St. Paul’s Academy Online Summer School – Grades 10-12

  • Study from home and complete courses in one month or less (July)
  • A great way to try out online courses!
  • Students can take courses for the first time, or to upgrade their mark
  • Students in Grade 9 during 2017/18 can take Summer School courses in July 2017
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