Why Should I Choose an Online Program?

Advantages of Online Schooling

While homeschooling works well for many Alberta families for the level of control and comfort it provides over a child’s educational progress, some parents may be uncomfortable teaching complex subjects at higher grade levels. Online education, led by Alberta-certified teachers like those at The Centre for Learning@HOME, is great for providing the instruction and assessment needed to promise a high-quality education for your child across all subject areas.


Advantages of online schooling:

Home education is wonderful for many students, but online schooling has many advantages that must also be considered when planning your child’s education. One benefit that many students today appreciate is the access to technology to complement their learning. Online lessons are able to implement visual and auditory supports in a manner that increases student engagement and understanding. This form of education also offers students a routine and focus on constant forward progress, reducing stress on the parent to be the sole provider of their child’s learning strategy.

Online schools like The Centre for Learning@HOME offer live, daily instruction. This interactive web-based setting allows students to interact with their peers and teachers, allowing them more opportunity for collaboration and socialization. On the flip side, online schooling also allows your child some distance from peers that they may have conflict with.

Many students benefit from a highly-structured education program that allows them to stay on track with their course material, while still allowing a level of self-direction that is harder to achieve at a physical school. It also allows students to develop valuable time management and organization skills. This, along with regular and meaningful feedback from certified teachers, will set our child up for success in post-secondary and beyond!


Feel confident in your family’s home education with the support of The Centre for Learning@Home. We’ve supported homeschooling families in Alberta for nearly thirty years, and encourage parents to set a curriculum that they and their children are comfortable with. Choose a teacher-directed online or a parent-directed home education approach. Call us at (403) 938-4119 or our toll-free number 1-800-659-1945 to learn more about getting your family set up for homeschooling.

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