Why Students Choose to Homeschool

At the Centre for Learning @ Home, we have students join us from across Alberta for many different reasons. Some students took our online summer courses, and they enjoyed the experience so much they continued with us for the rest of their high school experience. However, there are many reasons why a student may choose to study at home with our support.


Our program can create a safe haven for all kids. Students work with their teacher to get the educational support they need. Our online courses are completely aligned with the Alberta curriculum and are fully accredited, so students can graduate on time and can apply for and pursue post-secondary. Many of our students will regain confidence and excel in their studies.

Learning with Flexibility

Public education is an important pillar of society. But because public education is built with a one-size-fits-all view, it can be difficult for many students to flourish in school. Online home education is schooling with a nuanced approach.

Our students can access a different approach to learning. If your student is a math whizz but struggles with Shakespeare, they can work ahead in math and take some extra time with English. If they’re highly motivated and want to race off to university, we can facilitate them graduating in just two years. On the other hand, when a student needs to take a little bit more time than others, we offer an extended high school program.

Our goal is to have your student reach their full potential on their timeline and to build confidence as they achieve success.

Exceptional Circumstances

Whether your student is a high-performance athlete or a child actor, it can be a real challenge to balance their career and their education. Online education can help. Your student will have the flexibility to finish classes at their own pace, whether that means taking fewer courses so they can focus their attention elsewhere, or accelerate their education so they can jump into the adult world with their diploma in hand.


Many students struggle with illness, and the stress of attending classes in a brick-and-mortar building may not help. For students with an illness and their families, the flexibility of online education can be a lifeline.

World View

At the Centre for Learning @ Home, we foster a mindful approach to worldview. We encourage our students to think about what they’re learning and how it fits into what they believe. Our experiences, culture, and upbringing color every aspect of our life, small and large. Your family and religious faith is going to inform how you balance your beliefs. As a distance student, you’ll practice thinking for yourself, reflecting on the things you learn, and forming your own conclusions.

Our school is open and welcoming to everyone. Learn more about our school by calling us at 1-800-659-1945 or get in touch online. Join us.

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